Recover Thumb Drive

Thumb Drive Recovery after Formatting

Losing of essential information from thumb drive is very common in this digital era. Most of the computer users prefer thumb drive to carry important data. It is a very small size portable storage device mainly used for data transfer between different systems. Because of it’s frequent use, there is more possibility of data loss from thumb drive. Thumb drive formatting is one of such common data loss situation that arises most frequently. But, no need to wonder if you come across this data loss circumstances. You can recover formatted thumb drive very easily using an efficient recovery application. If you are looking for best tool to unformat your thumb drive immediately, go for this Recover Formatted software. It is designed with a powerful scanning algorithm to rescue complete information from thumb drive after various data loss circumstances.

See how formatting leads to severe data loss from thumb drive.

Many times, we select the format button in hurry without verifying all the information on the drive. After such formatting, you may realize that you have lost some important data from the thumb drive. In such case, you have to use this prominent formatted drive restoration utility to recover formatted thumb drive successfully. Recover Formatted application is very efficient in recovering data from that formatted thumb drive.

In some cases, your thumb drive may get inaccessible due to different reasons. When you connect that drive to your system, you may get a pop up message like “The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now”.  Then, formatting of that drive becomes mandatory to access that drive. As a result, you will lose entire information from your thumb drive. Still you have an option to recover formatted thumb drive using this effective program. If you need any help to recover formatted USB drive, go through this link:

You may also lose intact information from thumb drive after change of file system. If you apply a different file system on your thumb drive, all data on it will be lost. Even if the file system of the drive is corrupted, you need to reformat it with that file system to use it. File system of thumb drive is mainly corrupted because of frequent change, abrupt ejection, virus infection etc. After that, when you select a new file system for your drive, obviously you will lose complete data from it. Same crisis may also happen with your memory card. But, no worry, you can employ this application in the same way to recover formatted memory card.

Recover formatted application has plenty of useful features in formatted thumb drive recovery. You can use this tool to retrieve data from memory card, memory stick and different external drives after format. It supports formatted partition recovery on SATA, IDE, SCSI disks very easily. This application is useful to restore almost all types of document, media files, applications or any other file from formatted thumb drive. You will get satisfactory result all time in formatted thumb drive recovery on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. If you need any help to recover Mac volumes, use this link:

Note: Employ this powerful application in getting back information from formatted flash drive after a click on

Steps to Recover Formatted Thumb Drive:

Step 1: Install and launch this Recover Formatted application and connect your Thumb drive to it. Select "Recover Drives" options from main window as shown in fig 1.

Recover Formatted Thumb Drive - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, select the formatted thumb drive from the list of logical drives as shown in fig 2.

Formatted Pen Drive Recovery Software - Select Thumb Drive

Fig 2: Select Thumb Drive

Step 3: When recovery operation will be finished, you can preview recovered files using "Preview" option as shown in fig 3.

Restore Formatted Pen Drive - View Recovered Data

Fig 3: View Recovered Data

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