Recover Formatted SD Card


Ways to Recover Formatted SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) Card is an ultra small non-volatile flash memory card designed to offer huge amount of storage space to portable media devices with compact size. A typical memory card measures 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm, weighs nearly 2grams and provides storage space starting from 16MB to some gigabytes. Hence, they are widely used in digital camcorders, digital cameras, audio players, mobile phones and handheld computers. More than 400 popular brands of media devices rely on SD cards. SD cards use FAT file system, which is supported by both Windows and Mac operating system, to store and retrieve digital files.

Sometimes formatting SD card leads to loss of data. In case if the user has lost some important data stored in SD card, it might leads to a critical data loss problem. Let us walk through some of the scenarios where users can lose their important data stored in SD card due to formatting.

  • One of the most common reasons for SD card data loss is accidental formatting. While accessing data from SD card through digital camera or by connecting to computer, user might accidentally format the SD card without taking its backup. If you formatted yur SanDisk memory card and want to recover all information easily, go through this link:
  • Sometimes as soon as you plug in SD card to computer or digital camera, it will ask you to format the card to use further, which is due to errors with the file system. In such cases if you have not taken a backup of data stored in SD card, then you will lose it.
  • Sometimes SD cards get corrupt due to improper plug and play procedure, interruption while accessing data, virus infection, etc. In order to use the card further it needs to format it. If the corrupted card has some important files, you might lose them.

With a few precautionary measures, you can avoid the losing files stored in your SD card. They are:

  • Taking a proper backup of SD card after every use.
  • Following a proper plug and play procedure while accessing data.
  • Never remove the card when it is in use.

No matter how the card is formatted, in case if it is not overwritten with new data after formatting, then it is very simple to undelete memory card data. Using data recovery software, you can recover formatted sd card at your fingertips without opting for any experts help. You may format the SD card accidentally or intentionally without any backup. The software helps you in such situations to undelete files from formatted drive effecively.

Recover Formatted software is an advanced data recovery utility, which facilitates you to undelete files from different memory cards. This software helps to recover formatted sd card all popular file formats of audio, video and image files. Using this tool, you can undelete USB drive and can easily retrieve deleted or lost files from formatted SD card, memory sticks, XD card and other memory type of memory cards. You can also use this tool to undelete hard drive to restore all your lost files along with the hierarchy of files stored. To recover sd card data on Mac OS, you can use Formatted Recovery tool, which can undelete Mac volumes as well.

Simple steps to recover data from formatted SD card:

Step 1: Launch the installed demo version of Formatted SD Card Recovery software using Desktop icon or from Start menu list. Welcome window appears with three options as shown in fig A. Click on "Recover Photos"

Recover Formatted SD Card - Main window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Since we have to recover formatted SD card, select "Recover Lost Photos". You will get a list of available logical drives and the external drives connected as shown in fig B

Recover Formatted SD Card - Select Logical Drive

Fig B: Select SD Card Window

Step 3: Select memory card from the drives and click "Next". The software will display the list of file types, which can be recovered as shown in fig C. Select the files types that you wish to retrieve and click on "Next"

Recover Formatted SD Card - Select File Types

Fig C: Select File Type Window

Step 4: Now the utility scans the selected card for specified file type and display the list of recovered files as shown in fig D

Recover Formatted SD Card - Recovered Data

Fig D: List of Recovered Data

Step 5: Using "Data View" option select the desired file and click on "Preview" button to preview the recovered file. In case if you are happy with recovered results, activate the software and restore your files

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