Get Pictures Off SD Card Without Formatting

How to retrieve photos from SD card without formatting?

SD card is very tiny and reliable data storage media used in smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, music players and in other devices. These small memory chips are not much immune to different corruption issues and most of time users get their card inaccessible or corrupted. After encountering such problem, users may attempt to format SD card but unfortunately they left with empty card. Actually, formatting SD card will definitely clear all information from it. So better you try to get pictures off SD card without formatting it. It is possible when you make use of an efficient Recover Formatted application.

There are many reasons which could make SD card corrupted and abet users to format the card:

  • SD card usually gets corrupted or inaccessible because of bad handling of devices. When users switch off a camera suddenly while processing pictures or saving them on SD card. Similarly, if the memory card is ejected abruptly from digital camera or from other device during file transfer, it may become corrupted. In this scenario, utilization of recovery tool is the best solution to recover memory card data even if it formatted.
  • Photos saved on your SD card will not accessible after excessive formation of bad sectors on the card. Usually most of users format their SD card to fix bad sectors but lose their photos. Fortunately, now users have option to get pictures off SD card without formatting.
  • Virus attack is also a reason for which user can proceed to format SD card. One can come over data loss from formatted SD card with the help of software. Go through the page to know about reliable software to restore formatted SD card.

In all above listed situations, a common thing happen to most of the SD card users and it is loss of very crucial photos and other media files which are residing on the card. Since they cannot access data on the card, they think formatting is a last option to resolve this problem and get their card formatted. Similarly, many people format their SD card only because of format error. As they encounter such error, they proceed to fix it as a novice user and unfortunately lose their valuable picture from SD card. Later when they realize their mistake, they start worrying for precious photos. Actually, they could have deal such crisis easily to get pictures off SD card without formatting. Although even after formatting, not has been lost because Recover Formatted can easily retrieve SD card data after formatting.

Recover Formatted is designed ultimate drive scanning engine which will help you to get pictures off SD card without formatting. Moreover, if you have formatted the card mistakenly, this software will retrieve entire lost data in just a matter of time. It comes with easy to use and interactive GUII that makes it too easy for novice as well as for professional users to restore data from external hard drive without formatting, recover inaccessible, damaged, corrupted, formatted SD cards. Software has powerful features to make highly effective in retrieval of all popular photo file formats such as SR2, CR2, NEF, DNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, RAW and many others. You can employ this app to restore formatted Android SD card also. To get complete detail, visit at

Simple steps to recover pictuires from SD card:

Step 1: Connect SD card and launch the software to open main screen. Among three options, click on "Recover Photos" to get pictures off SD card without formatting as shown in fig A.

Get Pictures Off SD Card Without Formatting - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select your SD card from a list of available logical drives and click on next to start scanning as shown in fig B

Get Pictures Off SD Card Without Formatting - Select SD Card

Fig B: Select SD Card

Step 3: Soon after the scanning is completed, software will display the list of recovered files as shown in fig C

Get Pictures Off SD Card Without Formatting - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovered Files

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