Recover Formatted NAS Drive

Want to Restore Data from Formatted NAS Drive?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a data storage device that can be easily connected to PC network. NAS units are not comprised of keyboard or monitor and facilitate file based data storage device services. These devices can be created either based on dedicated chips or using drivers of the Linux operating system installed on your PC. These devices do not eat up much space and capable enough to store huge amount of information and share it over local network. Unfortunately, NAS drive exposed to failures and outrages because of accidental formatting of NAS drive and resulting in loss of valuable information. Therefore, in order to overcome such undesirable situations one should simply make use of Recover Formatted software to recover formatted NAS drive within few clicks.

Moreover, NAS storage device do not provide direct access to their drives, thus initiates data recovery process with storage disassembling and connecting its drives to a recovery machine. Besides, when you remove NAS drives it’s suggested that you mark their order with paper stickers or soft ink marker in order to reassemble the storage properly. Soon, after you successfully connect the NAS drives to a recovery PC, you can proceed to data recovery. This software can recover formatted NAS drive data including documents, pictures, audio, video clips, etc with ease. For more information, simply click here

Possible Reasons behind Formatting NAS Drive:

  • There might be the chances of abrupt formatting of corresponding NAS drive connected to your PC; instead of other system drive can make you lose entire data.
  • Sometimes, because of abrupt removal or unplugging of NAS drive from your system can severely damage its file system, which can give rise to unexpected error messages in turn making you lose entire data. However, one can make use of this software to restore data from formatted flash drive with ease.
  • The other reasons include abrupt system failure, software malfunction; control board failure or simply human errors can make you lose entire data within few clicks.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned reasons behind formatting NAS drive, one should never abruptly remove NAS drive connected to your system and take proper backup of essential files before facing data loss situations. Otherwise, you can use this award winning software to recover formatted NAS drive and works for all XFS- or EXT2FS formatted single drive as well as RAID0, RAID1 or RAID 5 NAS stations from manufacturers like Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, DLink or Iomega. Moreover, one can click here to restore data from formatted Toshiba hard drive. It can automatically find all parameters needed for recovery such as RAID start sector, stripe size, rotation and drive order.

Further, with the aid of easy to use wizard no user input is required and facilitates fully automated recovery within short span of time. Make use of this powerful software to restore data after external hard drive not formatted error with ease. It supports to recover formatted NAS drive compatible with latest versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, etc.

Note: Moreover, one can make use of this award winning software to get back file from Ext4 partition formatted due to virus attacks, file system corruption, boot sector errors, etc. For more updated information, simply click here

Steps to Recover Formatted NAS Drive Data:

Step 1: First, connect NAS hard drive to the system. Now, install the trial version of the software and launch it using desktop icon. You will get a main window with three options as shown in Fig a

Recover Formatted NAS Drive - Main Window

Fig a: Main Window

Step 2: From main window, select "Recover Drives" option and then click on "Formatted/Re-Formatted Recovery". Now the software will show a list of logical drives as shown in fig b

Recover Formatted NAS Drive - Select NAS Drive

Fig b: Select NAS Drive

Step 3: Select the NAS hard drive and click on "Next" tab. You will get a window with different types of files that can be recovered as shown in fig c. Select file types that you wish to recover and click "Next" to start recovery process.

Recover Formatted NAS Drive - Select File Types

Fig c: Select File Types

Step 4: The software scans the selected NAS hard drive. After complete scanning, it dispalys a of recovered files. Select the file and click on "Preview" option to view the recovered file as shown in fig d.

Recover Formatted NAS Drive - View Restored Data

Fig d: View Restored Data

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