Recover Formatted MicroSD card

Formatted MicroSD Card

The MicroSD card is a useful tool for transferring data, as it is the smallest memory card designed specifically for the new generation electronic gadgets which demand large storage capacity with small size. Aside from its convenient size, the MicroSD card is compatible with different types of hardware devices. A microSD storage also supports many multimedia types such as digital music, photo, video, and so on. The main and obvious reason behind data loss is formatting MicroSD cards.

What makes us format the MicroSD card?

  • Format error with a micro SD card is the majorly encountered issue that makes a user to forcibly format the card. Continuing with format operation will straightaway wipe all the card contents
  • Improper ejection of the microSD card storage from the device (computer, camera, or smartphone) during the file transfer operation will lead to corruptions and errors
  • Card corruption or damages occurred to the microSD card file system will lead to the error message MicroSD card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?. These error messages will not allow you to access any card content until you format it. So clicking “Yes” will empty the MicroSD card and prepares your memory card for reuse
  • Virus infection and other malicious threats will also corrupt the card data making it inaccessible. Even the formation of bad sectors on the card will give rise to certain conflicts in accessing the card data
  • Unintended format operation by the users is also one of the frequently occurring causes of losing files from the microSD card storage

Have you ever formatted your MicroSD card accidentally or intentionally without taking the backup copy of important files in situations like above? Later found that vital files are lost after format? Then a successful restoration of the microSD cards is possible using an effective formatted data recovery software.

Data still resides on the microSD card after format

Whenever you format the MicroSD card (on the computer, digital camera or phone), the card files will not be wiped out permanently. The space occupied by the files is just marked as free to save new files. But the formatted data remains 100% intact on your MicroSD card as long as you haven’t overwritten the formatted SD card by adding/saving new data. Therefore, the first thing you have to take care that after formatting the MicroSD card is to stop using it. Any read/write operations performed on the MicroSD card can overwrite the vital files decreasing the chances of recovery.

Recover Formatted software to regain microSD files

There is no such direct option available on your system or camera that can unformat the card files. You can either restore from the backup (if you maintained one) or employ the Recover Formatted application to restore files from a formatted memory card. It facilitates you to recover more than 300 file types including videos, photos, songs, etc. based on their unique signatures. It is all in one formatted data recovery software designed with advanced recovery algorithms to perform card restoration in a hassle-free way.

The easy-to-use wizard provided in this tool helps any novice user to get back formatted data in easy clicks. Recover Formatted software is compatible with all existing editions of Windows and Mac machines. Also, the trial version of the software provides you the preview of recovered files before restoration. But to save them you need to purchase the license key of the software if you are satisfied with the recovery results.

Notable features of the Recover Formatted application

Read further- Use this link for easy recovery of files:


Simple steps to Recover Formatted MicroSD Card

Step 1: Install the Recover Formatted software on your system.

Step 2: Attach the microSD card to the PC. Now select Recover Partitions options, given on the main screen.

Step 3: Click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 4: The progress of the scan on the SD card will be displayed in the next window.

Scanning in Progress

Fig B: Scanning in Progress

Step 5: Use either of Data View and File Type View panes to check the scan results.

List of Restored Files

Fig C: List of Restored Files

Step 6: Preview the regained media files by right-clicking on it.

Preview Recovered Data

Fig D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 7: Mention a suitable drive location to save the restored media files and press on the Save button.

Saving Recovered Data

Fig E: Save the Recovered Data

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