How to Restore Data from Formatted Memory Card?

Memory cards are compact removable non-volatile storage devices used in portable media devices like digital cameras, camcorders, handheld computers, audio players and mobile phones. In present days memory cards are much popular in the field of digital media devices with their various advantages like huge storage space with compact size, cost effective, easy to use, etc. Since most of the memory cards use FAT file system, they are compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.

After every use, most of the users prefer to format their memory cards to erase all the data. Sometimes formatting a memory card leads to loss of important files which results in critical data loss problem. You might be thinking how formatting memory card leads to data loss. Here are some of the reasons and scenarios where users can lose their files store in memory cards due to formatting. Apart from memory card recovery, you can use this tool to recover files from formatted hard drive with great ease.

Some of the most common reasons leading to loss or deletion of photos and other media files from memory cards are as follows:

  • Sometimes memory cards get corrupt due to improper plug and play procedure like removing card from digital cameras when it in use, disconnecting the card when it is connected to computer without using proper "Eject" or "Safely Remove Hardware" option, etc. In order to use the corrupted card further, it needs to format. In case if the corrupted card has some important files, then you will lose them.
  • There are times in which you accidentally format the memory card when connected to your personal computer. If the formatted card is not backed up, then you will lose the stored data. In such case, you can make use of the software to rescue formatted mamory cards, Jump drives and other storage drives.

In order to be safe in terms of data stored in your memory cards, it is better to take some precautions like taking a proper backup of card after every use, proper plug and play procedure while using with different media devices, etc.

In worst-case scenarios, you might end up with losing files stored in your memory card due to formatting. In such cases stop using the card and avoid doing some R&D, because it might overwrite the card with new files, which lead to permanent data loss. Before overwriting, with the help of some efficient data recovery software you can restore formatted p2 memory card data. Moreover, it can also recover files from formatted Blackberry memory card. To know details, refre this page:

Formatted Recovery tool is one such advanced data recovery utility which facilitates you to retrieve files from formatted memory card. You can use this utility as memory card recovery software to restore formatted SD card, XD card, memory sticks, MMC, etc. This utility supports of all popular audio, video and image file formats along with digital RAW photo files. Using this tool, you can also restore formatted USB drive and preview the recovered data prior to restoration.

Apart from memory cards, this tool facilitates you to restore formatted files from different storage drives. This tool helps you to restore files from formatted hard drive, external drive, USB drive and other storage drives, which are accessible to Windows.

Note: To restore formatted Mac volumes data you can use Recover Formatted (Mac) Edition.

You can follow the steps given below to recover formatted Memory Card:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of Formatted Memory Card Recovery software. Launch it using desktop icon. Main Window appears as shown in fig 1

Recover Formatted Memory Card - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Click on "Recover Photos". Since we have to restore formatted memory card select "Recover Lost Photos". Software will display the list of drives from which it can recover files as shown in fig 2. Select the desired memory card and click "Next"

Recover Formatted Data from Memory Card - Select Logical Drive

Fig 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Now you will get a window with different type of files it can recover as shown in fig 3. Select the file types which you wish to recover and click on "Next"

Formatted Memory Card Data Recovery Software - Select File Type

Fig 3: Select File Type

Step 4: With an advanced scanning algorithm, software scans the selected card for specified file types and displays the list of recovered files as shown in fig 4

Formatted Memory Card Recovery - Data View / File Type View

Fig 4: Data View / File Type View

Step 5: Select the recovered file and click on "Preview" button. If you are happy with the recovered results, activate the product and Recover formatted memory card

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