Recover Formatted Hard Drive


Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drive

Computer users always depends on internal and external hard disk drives mainly for storing important documents and information. In hard drive, users stores pictures, documents, audios, music and videos and anything that may be of importance to them both professionally and personally. But, there are problems which are faced by many computer users such as loss of documents and folders from their hard drive. Are you browsing on internet to find a suitable solution to retrieve lost or deleted text files from hard disk drive? Excellent, after lot of browsing you have landed on a right place because here you’ll get the solution to recover documents from hard drive with the help of hard drive data recovery software. This advanced data recovery application is developed by professionals with special data recovery algorithms that perform a deep drive scan to restore lost or deleted data from hard drive.

Formatting a hard disk drive without taking proper backup of necessary documents always results in data loss. Generally, users format their hard disk drive to change the file system like FAT to NTFS for proper data management. But formatting a hard drive will delete the data from all the logical drives, that’s why it is always advised to keep a backup of all important documents before performing such operation. For all the users who lost their important document or folders due to formatting a hard drive can use hard drive data recovery tool and simply recover documents from formatted hard drive and you can also use this advanced software to restore files from formatted Laptop hard disk and from personal computer hard drive in just few simple clicks.

Sometimes, virus or malware infection from the internet or from any other data storage device becomes the reason for formatting the hard drive. These viruses corrupt the file system of the hard drive and make it inaccessible. If you want to use the corrupted hard disk drive further then you have to format it, which eventually erases the stored data from the hard drive. In such miserable situation of data loss you can use hard drive data recovery application and recover documents from hard drive in just few steps. This application also facilitates user to retrieve formatted Toshiba hard disk and many other popular brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Iomega, Hitachi, Kingston and many more.

Apart from all this, re-installation of OS also results in loss of important files and folders. You have to format the drive before preparing the system for re-installation of new Windows operating system. During that time stored data on that drive will be lost completely. In such condition of data loss from the hard disk drive, you can use this software to recover files and folders. Industry experts designed hard drive data recovery software with a simple user interface so that even a novice user can recover documents from hard drive without facing any complications. Software supports excellent hard drive recovery after format on Win 7 and its other latest versions. You can download the free trial version of the software and by previewing files you can evaluate the probability of recovery and later purchase the licensed version to save recovered data. If you are in search for tool that can get back your lost or deleted files from Verbatim, then click here:

Perform the below mentioned steps to recover documents from hard drive:

Step (i): Launch the free trial version of the software, on home screen choose "Recover Files" option, as illustrated in Fig A.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive - Welcome Window

Figure A – Welcome Window

Step (ii): On next screen, select the appropriate option between "Recover Lost Files" or "Recover Deleted Files" option, and then select the drive from a list of logical volumes, as illustrated in Fig B. Then click on "Next" to proceed further.

Recover Documents from HD - Drive Selection

Figure B – Drive Selection

Step (iii): A new window for file type selection gets displayed, as shown in Fig C. Choose the file formats and click on “Next”.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - File Format Selection

Figure C – File Format Selection

Step (iv): Use either “Data View” or “File Type View” option to view a list of recovered data, as illustrated in Fig D. To save the data, purchase licensed version of the software.

Retrieve Documents from Hard Drive - List of recovered Files

Figure D – Retrieved Data List

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